Ocean Explorer can be played as two separate tile laying, trivia games – DEEP BLUE EXPEDITION and ISLAND HOPPER.

Each game builds knowledge of our ocean ecosystem, how it's used and exploited, and the threats that result from human activity.

With this knowledge we can start to share what we've learned, and help to save the oceans and our islands.

2+ players | 8+ years | 15-45 mins

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  • Explore the Caribbean Seas

    Take a journey from Grenada to the British Virgin Isles and discover the amazing diversity of wildlife from the seashore to ocean floor.

  • Help save our oceans!

    Every primary school in the Eastern Caribbean region received a copy of the game to help raise the awareness of the challenges of protecting the oceans for the benefit of local communities.

  • Classroom resources

    Download the PDF and Powerpoint files to use in the classroom.

    Ocean Explorer Downloads

2 games in 1

Use the game components to play two separate tile-laying trivia games



A quick game for 2-6 explorers or teams

It's a race to be the first explorer to reach the ocean floor! Correctly answer questions about the animals and threats you discover along the way.



A longer game for 2-6 explorers or teams

Be the explorer, or team of explorers, with the highest score after hopping from island to island. You'll need an independent 'Expedition Leader' for this game, such as a teacher or a neutral friend.

Over 70% of the earth's surface is covered by our oceans

These giant, connected masses of water are home to some of the most fantastic living creatures in the world! Even though we've only seen a miniscule amount of this mesmerising ecosystem, sadly our actions as humans have had an effect on all of it. So grab your snorkel and join us as we sink into the mysterious depths to discover, explore and help save our oceans!

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The Ocean Explorer board game was designed and developed as part of a marine awareness campaign with the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS).

Produced by The Workshop

Designed by Callum Badger

Illustrated by Adam Allsuch Boardman

Ocean Explorer was created with the help of the staff and students of:

  • Camille Henry Memorial Primary School, St Lucia
  • Mon du Don Government Combined School, St Lucia
  • Vieux-Fort Primary School, St Lucia

Also with thanks to Melissa Harvey Braddick

– and –

Saphira Hunt of Saint Lucia National Trust